The "Striped Tomato"
The "Striped Tomato" used in Starsky and Hutch.


1974 Ford Gran Torino


351 Windsor
351 Modified
400 Modified
460 Lima

Body Style

2-door Hardtop


3,509–4,250 lb (1,592–1,928 kg)


3-speed Automatic


213.6" (2-door)


Intermediate car


1972 - 1976


Ford Motor Company

Also known as

Innacuratly known as "Zebra Three", more commonly know as the "Striped Tomato".

The "Striped Tomato" is the main car used in the TV Series Starsky and Hutch. It is also used in the Starsky and Hutch Game where it is the primary vehicle that the player drives.


The car's design is based on a 1974 model of the Ford Gran Torino 2-door Hardtop. It is designed as an intermediate car but still boosts pretty good performence. The version used in the Starsky and Hutch Media is a light red colour and marked with a distinctive white "Vector" stripe with bordering black pinstripe.


The "Striped Tomato" has very good performance in the Starsky and Hutch Media, in the TV Shows it is capable of large jumps. In the game it seems to have increasd jumping performance. Overall speed is quite high and acceleration is very good for a car of its type. The "Striped Tomato" seems to have a decent frame which might suggest that it can sustain quite a bit of damage.


As aftermentioned, the "Striped Tomato" is a light red colour and marked with a white "Vector" stripe with bordering black pinstripe.It is equipped with chrome exterior rearview mirrors and protective black vinyl bodyside moldings, and the interiors are black with vinyl bench seats.

Naming Confusion

The Ford Gran Torino was nicknamed "The Red Tomato" by Hutch during the TV episode "Kill Huggy Bear". However many people have mistaken the duo protagonists callsign, Zebra 3, as another name for the Striped Tomato. This name however, is incorrect.