Kenneth "Hutch" Hutchinson
Hutch in the TV series.
Vital statistics
Title Kenneth "Hutch" Hutchinson
Gender Male
Race American
Faction Good Guys
Health Good
Level Unknown
Status Active Police Officer/Detective
Location Bay City

Kenneth Hutchinson, more commonly known as Hutch or Ken Hutchinson, is a blond male from Duluth, Minnesota. He is the partner of David Starsky and is a detective in Bay City. Hutch is one of the protagonists in both the game and TV Show, with the other being Starsky. Hutch is more laid back and quiet then his partner. He is seemingly more serious in the way he acts. Whilst Starsky drives the Ford Gran Torino Hutch rides "Shotgun" in the passenger seat and acts as the gunner. During the game, Hutch fires a number of weapons including his trusty Revolver, the Pistol and other Weapons.