The Viewer Rating or VR for short, is a point system in the Starsky and Hutch Game. During the episodes the player will get a starting viewer rating. The viewer rating constantly drops at a steady rate, if all VR is lost then the Episode is a failure. There are two types of VR, Positive and Negative. The VR countdoen can be slowed for a short amount of time by using the Siren Powerup. The amount of VR left at the end of the Episode will determine what type of Police Badge is awarded.

Positive VR

Positive VR will make your Viewer Rating go up. It is obtained in a number of ways. The most common way to grab it would be to drive through or shoot one of the VR pickups. Another way is to shoot at a vehicle, getting a Critical Shot will make your VR go up even higher. You can also gain VR by driving through storefronts or furniture. Other ways to obtain it are doing stunts or powerslides.

Negative VR

Negative VR is obtained with poor driving and actions. If you ram into walls, civilian vehicles or pedestrians, then you will loose VR. Also, getting your car shot will reduce your VR significantly as well as making it harder to control.